Smartwool Socks at Golden Shoes

SmartWool® is an apparel brand whose products are inspired by living and playing in the rugged Colorado Rocky Mountains. They offer year-round technical clothing for an active life lived in unpredictable mountain climates. Our products are created to get the most out of the inherent benefits of Merino wool while delivering extraordinary comfort and performance through smarter, more capable products that allow mountain athletes to do what they love to do longer.

They believe in the power of comfort. Simply put, it’s the belief that as long as you’re comfortable, you can do anything you put your mind to. Our lives and experience have given us a real understanding of what comfort means to a body in motion, and they’ve made it our mission to use this knowledge to help you better enjoy the outdoors. Staying comfortable all day, every day.

At the heart and soul of every SmartWool product is the amazing fiber they use: nature’s finest Merino wool. Used properly, they think it’s the best fiber available for outdoor apparel – manages moisture better than cotton, smarter than synthetics and more comfortable in any weather condition.

In our hands, it becomes extraordinary.

ZQ™ is an accreditation program, designed to ensure environmental, social and economic sustainability for growers, improve animal welfare and provide a means to trace end products back to the source.

By supporting ZQ™, they are supporting the ideology of fair trade. They encourage all companies, including our competitors, to do the same.

We make Merino wool more comfortable through innovative fabric creation and smart construction. Through specialized knitting technologies they’ve created fabrics that maximize the benefits of merino wool. They use smart garment construction to create products that offer the right amount of wool in areas where the body tends to chill and less where the body tends to run hot for maximum temperature regulating, comfort and performance.

Like you, they would rather be outside playing than inside doing laundry. So they’ve made most of our products easy care; meaning you can throw them in the washer and the dryer right along with the rest of your clothes. Just to be safe, though, always make sure you check the care label inside the garment.

• One sheep “haircut” = One wool fleece = 10 pounds of wool = 40 pairs of SmartWool socks or 7 pieces of SmartWool Next-to-Skin Midweight
• An average SmartWool Sock has 500,000 individual fibers of wool.
• A standard cone of yarn weighs three pounds and has almost 25 miles of yarn. They use well over half a million cones of yarn a year – that’s enough to circle the earth 500 times. Talk about spinning a yarn.
• Merino sheep are fine boned and active with white wrinkled faces, white legs and pink noses. Rams have horns. They instinctively follow each other but don’t like to lead. All merino sheep are fluent in baah.