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Acorn Women at Golden Shoes

About Acorn

Acorn founder David Quinn simply wanted to do something nice for his friends by hand-sweing leather soles on thick cozy ragg wool socks. In the process he created an icon, The Original Slipper Sock. The rest is history.

Unlike most slipper manufacturers, Acorn still individually handcrafts their footwear on a last, a special foot mold, to ensure the best shape, and ultimately, the best fit. This process takes days, sometimes weeks. Acorn uses only premium materials and high-quality footbeds that will stand up to years of use. Are there easier and less expensive ways to build a slipper? Absolutely. Outstanding quality and premium comfort – not “easier – has always been their goal.

Acorn is concerned about the future of the earth. They work to improve he sustainability of all aspects of their operations, including footwear materials, product packaging, print materials, manufacturing, supply sourcing, and even office and administrative operations.