Johnston & Murphy Men

Johnston & Murphy Men at Golden Shoes

Johnston & Murphy is a pillar of classic workmanship and a beacon of American style.  Since 1850, Johnston & Murphy has provided the highest quality products and set the standard for successful, professional men everywhere. In fact, Johnston & Murphy Footwear has been the shoemaker to the American President since 1850.

Johnston & Murphy was founded in 1850 by William J. Dudley, an immigrant English shoemaker who established his shoe factory in Newark, New Jersey. Dudley teamed with James Johnston in 1880 and continued to manufacture high-quality shoes. When Dudley died in 1882, William H. Murphy became Johnston’s new partner and the company became Johnston & Murphy. In 1957, Johnston & Murphy moved to its present location in Nashville, Tennessee.

Throughout its illustrious history, Johnston & Murphy shoes have maintained a commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative designs. Johnston & Murphy shoes use only the highest quality materials and components. Leather is hand selected from around the world and combined with traditional and proven construction for a fit that can’t be beat.

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