Plae Children

Plae Children at Golden Shoes

Give your kids healthy, happy feet for a lifetime. Plae shoes to follow the natural contour of a child’s foot, leaving the cartilage and fledgling bone room to grow its own way. The interchangeable tabs adjust to accommodate thinner, wider or thicker feet. Studies from the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest that wearing properly fitted shoes as a child could prevent up to 70% of future foot problems and injuries.

Kids put their shoes to the test. Plae is ready for them. With their dynamic traction, they make sure little feet can feel the ground beneath them and get a grip on it. The rest is designed to elite athlete standards: super shock absorption, durable toe guards, and wicking, washable anti-microbial inserts.

As parents, we believe kids everywhere should have healthy families, happy memories, and pristine playgrounds. and we stand behind this belief with every shoe. we take every step to minimize our carbon footprint by sourcing responsible, recycled and non-toxic materials and operating in a solar-powered fair-labor factory that is architecturally designed to reduce energy consumption.

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