Sockwell Socks at Golden Shoes

Sockwell Socks has One Purpose: To craft the world’s best socks. With no compromises. Made from start to finish right here in the United States, their socks are meant to make an impression on you as well as family farms, designers, manufacturers, and economies. Sockwell Socks’ HomeGrown Wool Initiative supports American sheep farmers and the market for wool sheared from free-grazing Rambouillet merino sheep. Designing, dyeing, and developing the socks takes place anywhere between the Rockies of Colorado and the South Carolina coastline. They are dedicated to making a difference in the lives and communities of every person these socks touch along their way to you, the consumer!

At Sockwell Socks, they are proud to offer you every style and color of sock produced by Sockwell Socks. Both Moderate and Firm Graduated Compression socks, stabilizer socks, lamb’s wool and alpaca blend socks, bunion relief socks, plantar relief socks, metatarsal relief socks, relaxed fit socks, diabetic socks, and even compression sleeves in options for men and women can be found in a vast array of colors and patterns.