priorLIFE Bags
Made locally in Traverse City, Michigan by Britten Banners

priorLIFE Bags at Golden Shoes

In my priorLIFE,
I was a banner that hung proudly at a notable site… a grand opening, one of America’s largest racing events, an international festival, a rockin’ concert tour, or a high-class point of purchase display.
When I was done hanging around, I was recycled into an authentic, one-of-a-kind product with a story!

About Us…

Created as a green initiative for Britten, Inc., one of the largest banner producers in the U.S., priorLIFE is dedicated to reducing the number of discarded banners by recycling them into new, one-of-a-kind, earth-friendly products that are functional, durable and essential to every day living.

In the banner world, thousands of old banners get thrown away each year, many of which are made of vinyl and not easily broken down by Mother Earth. At priorLIFE, we encourage companies, events, festivals and more to send us their old banners.

We then make new, exciting products… with a story. Every priorLIFE product comes with a tag that tells the story of its ‘prior life’ so that you not only own a ‘green’ product, but you own a piece of history too.

Saving the planet one banner at a time.

The landfill is usually where banners are sent to retire, but what if we could extend the life of these banners and not only make new products, but tell their story in the process?

We can!

With a little ingenuity and some mighty talented seamsters and seamstresses, priorLIFE™ has perfected the art of recycling used banners into eco-friendly, usable products, where no two are exactly the same.

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