Goodhew Socks

Goodhew Socks at Golden Shoes

The Ultimate Wearing Experience
Goodhew socks ensure the most comfortable and durable socks. With consideration to each and every detail, they are made from only the finest materials.
The thread architects at Goodhew study every element of product construction and materials to ensure that product design is the best available. Selecting the finest materials, Goodhew are one-of-a-kind.
Goodhew has created the ultimate wearing experience. Taking into account all the elements: softness and comfort, moisture management, breathability, blister resistance, durability, and of course visual appeal.
Studying all aspects of product construction, the design of Goodhew are the best on the market. Beyond being comfortable and durable, they look great too.
Designed to ensure the best style and fit, Goodhew offers the world’s finest socks. They feature flat toe seams, ring-toe cushioning, Y-heel construction, arch support and turn welt tops.
Goodhew socks are the kind of products that once worn, you can’t imagine living without.

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